A reminder of what’s most important

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Seacrest Sourdough (@seacrest_sourdough) The interview in the clip above shows Zach Bush telling Paul Saladino about the effects of love found through a study on rabbits. It's a reminder that although there are a ton of toxins out there, and we're on a mission [...]

How to revive your new dried starter

Add your 6 grams crumbled dried sourdough starter to a bowl. Add 26 grams filtered water. Stir until the dry starter is completely submerged in the water. Cover with a lid and allow mixture to sit for one hour at room temperature. After an hour, add 20 grams bread flour (preferably organic) and stir until [...]

Return to common sense, focus on quality

How you feel in the moment, and overall well being over time. Personally those are the two metrics we think about when we try to optimize health and happiness. There are so many factors that affect these metrics: getting enough sunlight, exercise, sleep, stress management, hydration, diet etc. By diet we don't mean anything in [...]

Essentials only – about our ingredients

Essentials only. For ingredients, for life. Essentials only. For ingredients, for life. It means simplicity. Set a goal, then figure out what’s actually needed to achieve it. Eliminate anything that isn’t. Perfection is when you can’t take anything else out. Everyone wants to optimize taste, but unfortunately we live in a world where most food [...]