Seacrest Sourdough Fall EssentialsLearn about our ingredientsCooler weather, waves, and sourdough.
It's about time.
Fall essentials
Seacrest Sourdough Fall EssentialsLearn about our ingredientsCooler weather, waves, and
sourdough. It's about time.
Fall essentials
Seacrest Sourdough country sourdough loaf

This absolutely savory loaf is made as bread should be, fermented and with only three clean ingredients. Caution, this loaf is addicting, try to dip in moderation.

Seacrest Sourdough Baguette

The crunch, the taste, the beauty of an iconic French baguette, with the benefits of fermentation and simple, natural ingredients.

Sourdough Roasted Garlic Rosemary Loaf

This loaf will make you feel connected to the earth as you taste the savory combination of rosemary and garlic!

Seacrest Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

The daily driver for sandwich makers. The convenience of sliced bread meets a more delicious loaf that’s also easier on your gut.

Fall favorites

fall favorites
Sourdough cinnamon swirl loaf

Swirls of cinnamon and maple syrup run through a country style sourdough loaf. Maple syrup is the only sweetener while the subtle cinnamon swirls warm the heart.

Sourdough pumpkin spice muffins

Like it or not, pumpkin spice takes fall to another level. Soft and moist these are loved by even those who don’t generally love pumpkin spice.

Sourdough Chocolate Loaf

The bitter savoriness of cocoa powder meets the salty crunch and bounciness of sourdough, and the sweetness of chocolate chips and maple syrup.

Seacrest Sourdough farmers market tent

We'll see you at the farmers market!

Come hang out at our next farmers market:
Farmers Market at El Sol
12/03 (9am - 1pm)
106 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL 33458

Learn more about sourdoughSSD Journal
Learn more about sourdoughSSD Journal
Essentials Only, Seacrest Sourdough

It means simplicity. Set a goal, then figure out what’s actually needed to achieve it. Eliminate anything that isn’t. Perfection is when you can’t take anything else out.

Everyone wants to optimize taste, but unfortunately we live in a world where most food producers’ goal is also to optimize cost, even at the gut’s expense. Their baked foods are full of cheap ingredients – toxic oils, ‘cides, and synthetic ingredients that disrupt your gut and metabolic health.

Our goal is to produce baked foods that optimize deliciousness while doing the absolute least possible harm bread and grain based food can do to your body. This means we’ve narrowed it down to only the best natural and organic ingredients. The essentials.

Eliminate the crap

No super processed ingredients. No cheap, toxic, vegetable and seed oils. No artificial or “natural” flavorings or colorings. Only real, natural ingredients, certified organic when possible.

Fermentation makes digestion easier

Wild yeast breaks down the starches, sugars, and gluten. Which helps neutralize the antinutrients in grains and makes grains more digestable.

Affects blood sugar and insulin levels more positively

True sourdough is less likely to cause significant spikes in blood sugar. Lowering glucose and insulin responses can have significant effects on your health and how you feel.