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The OG's

These four will always be the backbone of our lineup. They're the reason we started baking in the first place - to have organic, fermented, simple ingredient versions of our favorite breads in the house!

This absolutely savory loaf is made as bread should be, fermented and with only three clean ingredients. Caution, this loaf is addicting!

The crunch, the taste, the beauty of an iconic French baguette, with the benefits of fermentation and simple, natural ingredients.

A super soft, sweet treat who’s dough is sweetened with maple syrup.

The daily driver for sandwich makers. The convenience of sliced bread meets a more delicious loaf that’s also easier on your gut.

Savory specials

Sourdough Roasted Garlic & Italian Herbs Loaf

The Italian herbs provide a rustic charm while the infused garlic hits you with a mouth-watering aroma!

Sourdough Onion & Asiago Loaf

The sweetness of the roasted onions smoothes out the edges of a creamy asiago.

Sweet of the season:

Sourdough Blueberry Lemon Cakes

Moist little pillow cakes with a hint of tart from the lemon zest and a lot of sweet from the blueberries.

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Local mangos available at Boynton Beach pick ups!

Seacrest Sourdough preorders

We're currently taking orders for:

  • Pompano Beach, Saturday: 7/20 at 10am at the Highland Scrub Natural Area - 4050 Dixie Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33064
  • Boynton Beach, Sunday: 7/21 at 10am at 625 Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, FL 33435
  • Local delivery on 7/22. Only for Palm Beach and Broward counties

Farmers market schedule:

  • We currently don't have any scheduled markets.
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Learn more about sourdoughSSD Journal

I found them on Instagram, immediately ordered, and I am about to make my second order. I ordered the Sourdough Country Loaf and the pick up was easy, and enjoyable. The two people were pleasant and the packaging was so perfect. The smell of the bread had me so excited. The taste was even better. My husband and I are in agreement that this is the best quality Sourdough bread we have ever had and we will be rotating through all the different items they have so we can try them all. They are now our go to bread folks! Great job.


I picked up my first order yesterday and everything is fantastic. I was stoked to try her sourdough and certainly not disappointed. The plain and the garlic were awesome. We also tried the sourdough chocolate chip cookies and they were equally as good. Will certainly be placing many more orders.


What a treat! We are delighted to get the crustiest, yummiest sourdough bread imaginable, delivered a few minutes from our house every week! It will be fun to see where this enterprising young couple takes the company. They certainly have very professional, pure products which help with all our meals! Thank you!


I love this sourdough bread. It is very fresh and delicious!


So happy to find this company. They make a very good product. I buy the baguettes cut up into smaller pieces so I can take my time eating it instead of sitting out in 15 minutes and polishing off everything. Lol thank you again for your wonderful product and your service.


Delicious, so good, fresh, soft, perfect

Best bread I’ve ever had… coming from a New Yorker!

Danielle & Gabe

Quality like none I've eaten! I was elated to find Seacrest Sourdough with such attention to quality ingredients. Right down to the reverse osmosis, I'll order tonight for my 3rd time. Sourdough country loaf- 5⭐, Sourdough sandwich loaf- 5⭐, Lemon/blueberry squares-5⭐, Sourdough choc chip cookies-5⭐, Croutons for snacking- 5⭐, **My mom bakes bread twice/week but I know the nutritional value of adding in long fermented sourdough. I haven't gained 1 pound and will continue to order!


Phenomenal doesn’t do this sourdough justice. It’s better than that. I purchased a loaf today at the Lake Worth Farmers Market on the recommendation of a friend and market vendor ( they always know the goods). I actually can not stop stealing little tears from the loaf to eat. It’s fantastic.


Delicious and healthy! Best bread ever! I have ordered multiple times now and now we order weekly because the bread is so delicious and convenient and made with only essential premium ingredients! Our favorites are the garlic and herbs and the sandwich loaf! Our toddler eats it up no problem and we make the best French toast! Even ordered a starter to try my hand at it. Thank you Seacrest! For your commitment to delicious quality. Yummm! Kristen and Mike are so nice, also!


I was told by a friend I must try this bread. She said it was the best she ever had. I can only agree 💯 that it is now the best bread I have ever tasted. I purchased it last weekend at the market in Pompano Beach. They were friendly and helpful. I will be back a week from now.


Loved the Baguette from last night at Sanborn Sq. Took it home, followed the directions and it was perfect with our dinner. Wish I had bought 3-4, thanks so much will be purchasing more…


I purchased 3 of their sourdough products this week, and they are exceptional. All made with high quality organic ingredients. No garbage chemicals or pesticides. I can vouch for the quality of their breads, and am now a lifetime customer.


This is one of the best breads I've ever had. If you love bread you must try this bread. My people are in the parish for lack of knowledge. I really didn't care for sourdough bread but recently learned "sourdough" is better for the digestive system. 👍🏾


Seacrest Sourdough's loaves were such a huge hit at Thanksgiving dinner! Local, fresh, & perfect for the holidays!




Essentials Only, Seacrest Sourdough

It means simplicity. Set a goal, then figure out what’s actually needed to achieve it. Eliminate anything that isn’t. Perfection is when you can’t take anything else out.

Everyone wants to optimize taste, but unfortunately we live in a world where most food producers’ goal is also to optimize cost, even at the gut’s expense. Their baked foods are full of cheap ingredients – toxic oils, ‘cides, and synthetic ingredients that disrupt your gut and metabolic health.

Our goal is to produce baked foods that optimize deliciousness while doing the absolute least possible harm bread and grain based food can do to your body. This means fermenting and only using the best natural and organic ingredients. The essentials.

Eliminate the crap

No super processed ingredients. No cheap, toxic, vegetable and seed oils. No artificial or “natural” flavorings or colorings. Only real, natural, organic ingredients.

Fermentation makes digestion easier

Wild yeast breaks down the starches, sugars, and gluten. Which helps neutralize the antinutrients in grains and makes grains more digestable.

Affects blood sugar and insulin levels more positively

True sourdough is less likely to cause significant spikes in blood sugar. Lowering glucose and insulin responses can have significant effects on your health and how you feel.