La Pisticchia


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Currently taking orders for pickup at:

  • Lake Worth Beach Waterside Farmers Market (Saturday: 3/02 from 9am - 1pm) 1 S Ocean Blvd, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460 (Under the overpass at A1A and Lake Avenue in Lake Worth Beach)
  • Seacrest Scrub Natural Area (Sunday: 3/03 from 5-6pm) 3400 S Seacrest Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL 33435
  • Local delivery on 3/04. Only for Palm Beach and Broward counties

La Pisticchia Ingredients:

organic extra-virgin olive oil, organic bell peppers, organic fresh garlic, ancient sea salt, organic parsley

Crostini Ingredients:

100% organic flour, reverse osmosis water, ancient sea salt, organic extra-virgin olive oil

Spread a spoonful of this oil, pepper and garlic concoction on bread!

About our ingredients

Organic extra-virgin olive oil

Cold pressed and organic olive oil with no additives or chemicals. Amongst oils, olive oil is the least harmful and does not have the harmful effects of vegetable oils.

Organic bell peppers

Bell peppers grown without pesticides or herbicides.

Organic fresh garlic

Fresh garlic, grown without persistent pesticides and herbicides.

Ancient sea salt

Unrefined sea salt mined from an ancient seabed in Utah that is free from modern pollutants and full of trace minerals.

Organic parsley

Parsley, grown without persistent pesticides or herbicides.


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