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Sourdough Hot Dog Buns


In stock
  • 5 available to order for: Saturday 7/20 at 10am in Pompano Beach (Highlands Scrub Natural Area - 4050 Dixie Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33064)
  • 5 available to order for: Sunday 7/21 at 10am in Boynton Beach (625 Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, FL 33435)
  • 5 available to order for: local delivery on Monday 7/22. Palm Beach and Broward Counties only.


100% organic flour, organic grass-fed milk, organic grass-fed unsalted butter (milk), organic grade A maple syrup, ancient spring salt, organic pasture-raised eggs
Contains: wheat, egg, milk

Fermented for fun times
Hot dogs and fun are synonymous! What’s happier than grilling outside with your family and friends!?. There are so many great grass-fed, pasture raised beef hot dogs available now with only natural ingredients. They just need clean, sourdough buns as the perfect companions. Our sourdough hot dog buns are long fermented as grains should be, and they stick to our essentials only policy of only clean, natural, organic ingredients.

About our ingredients

Organic & regenerative flour

No harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients, just clean flour that's the easiest on your body and the best for soil.

Organic grass-fed milk

Milk from cows that exclusively eat grass. And that grass is grown without chemicals. Happy healthy cows, better milk.

Organic grass-fed butter

Butter from cows that exclusively eat grass. And that grass is grown without chemicals. Delicious and nutritious, as nature intended.

Organic grade A maple syrup

Maple syrup without harmful chemicals that comes from a family owned Vermont company who deeply cares for the forest from which they extract their sap.

Ancient spring salt

Pure salt from an ancient brine spring in Spain. Harvested by hand via traditional methods, not subject to any processing or bleaching. As pure as salt comes, completely free of microplastics and 3rd party verified for extremely extremely low heavy metals.

Organic pasture raised eggs

From chickens free to roam the pasture, eating components from their natural environment. This makes the egg more nutrient dense compared to non-pastured chicken.


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