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La Pisticch’ Steak Sandwich

La Pisticch Steak Sandwich

La Pisticchia (La Pisticch’ in slang) is an oil, garlic, pepper concoction originating from Mike’s family in Bari, Italy. It’s amazing on its own over a piece of fresh sourdough – but if sautéed a little, it takes steak sandwiches to another level!

  1. Ingredients:
    • La Pisticchia
      • Organic extra-virgin olive oil
      • Organic bell peppers or sweet peppers
      • Organic garlic
      • Salt
      • Organic parsley
    • 100% grass-fed steak, thinly cut (bottom round is our favorite)
    • Sourdough country loaf
    • Salt

Making La Pisticchia

Chop the peppers, the garlic, and the parsley into small pieces. About the size of your pinky finger’s nail for the peppers, and half that for the garlic and the parsley. Store the garlic and parsley in the fridge. Salt the peppers and let them dry out in the sun. Really let them dry. 8 hours in the sun should do it. When the peppers are dried out, mix everything together in a jar. Throw in the peppers, garlic and parsley first, then pour in the olive oil. We usually want enough olive oil to cover a thumb above the top of the rest of the ingredients. Let that sit for 24 hours, then it’s ready!

Making the sandwich

Toast the country loaf. Grill up the steak with just some salt and pepper. Sauté La Pisticchia by heating it up in a pan. Lay the steak on the bread, spread La Pisticchia on top of the steak, and enjoy!