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Leeky Brats & Raw Cheese Tapas

Leeky Brats & Raw Cheese Tapas

Right now these tapas are our favorite snack after getting home from surfing! We’re also excited for the soccer fiestas – having these tapas while watching the Euro 2024 tournament (forza azzurri!), and the Gold Cup (USA!). The Leeky Brats Tapas are named after the micro leeks we get from our friends at Little Lush Acres! The bitterness of the leeks really completes the experience.

  1. Ingredients:
    • Bratwurst (100% grass-fed beef or corn & soy free pork both work well)
    • Raw cheese (our favorite is meadowrella, cheddar works well also)
    • Sourdough country loaf
    • Micro leeks (check out Little Lush Acres)
    • Salt (we use Vera Salt‘s microplastic free ancient spring salt)
    • Organic extra-virgin olive oil

Making the tapas

We do everything on a charcoal grill. First salt and grill the brats (pro tip: when the brats are done, close the grill so its fire goes down).

Slice the brats in half then down the middle. Cut your country loaf slice in half. Paint a super thin layer of olive oil on the top side of your country loaf slice.

Lay the brats flat side down on your bread.

Shred your cheese and layer it on top of the sausage. Carefully put each slice back on the grill. Don’t put them too close to the coals.

Close the lid. They’re done when the bread is slightly toasted and the cheese is melted. Throw on a bundle of leeks and you’re ready to go!